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Web design, graphic design, art, illustration, digital marketing,SEO

First, a little about me...

I have experience in:

- art (drawing and painting), illustration
- graphic design
- web design and development
- project management and leadership experience
- advanced market research and analytics
- content strategy and mangement
- social media strategy and implementation
- advanced SEO and digital marketing: on-page, off-page, solving technical issues, site architecture, advanced quality link building, reputation management, digital campaigns, increasing conversions

I started in the early '90's doing freelance work and continuously improved my skills over the years. In 2004, I started doing web design and developement. And a couple of years later I became involved in digital marketing and SEO and I have been loving most moments, despite the challenges and rapid technological changes that occur regularly.

I love using both my analytical and creative skills and coming up with winning solutions for clients. This is something I am passionate about, I will continue to stay on top of the new trends and learning as much as possible on a daily basis.
I am fascinated about the evolution of the digital world and excited to be a part of it. I like helping people and businesses make their mark and helping increase their conversions.

I also have experience in teaching, consulting, running a business, and marketing.

Please contact me at info@DianaDurhamPortfolio.com

 About / Web, graphic design and Illustration Portfolio/ Digital Marketing
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